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Episode 7: Guaranteed performance and uptime for ferries

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Lifecycle Agreements — guaranteed performance and uptime for ferries

Whatever the vessel type, ferry operators’ primary concerns are to ensure reliable operation, keep operating costs predictable and decarbonise operations in order to remain compliant and respond to their passengers’ expectations.

Service agreements can help address all these issues by laying the groundwork not only for solid basic maintenance planning but also for continuous improvement in the form of efficiency-enhancing upgrades.

A great first step for ferry operators is to harness the power of data-driven dynamic maintenance under the umbrella of a lifecycle agreement. These kinds of agreements take out the guesswork, providing valuable insights into a vessel’s current efficiency performance and how to best improve it. They can range from Technical Management Agreements that reduce the risk of unplanned downtime to Guaranteed Asset Performance Agreements that are based on mutually agreed, quantifiable performance targets that are guaranteed by Wärtsilä.



Get onboard with our final fireside chat episode, where Henrik Wilhelms, Director, Agreement Sales at Wärtsilä and Juan Pablo Molina, Technical Director at Baleària, discuss long-term service agreements and the crucial role they play in providing reliability, maintaining compliance and helping to identify efficiency-enhancing upgrades throughout a vessel’s lifecycle.

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The route to profitable decarbonisation

Insights and practical guidance for the ferry segment

This white paper takes a deep dive into the challenges facing this hugely diverse industry as it plots a path towards zero-carbon operations. It provides an overview of the current state of play in the industry, a comprehensive review of its geographical nuances and an in-depth look at individual vessel types.

Solutions in detail

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