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Wärtsilä Guaranteed Asset Performance - Assured performance and improved profitability

A Guaranteed Asset Performance Agreement ensures the operational reliability, performance and availability of your assets. Quantifiable performance targets are mutually agreed based on your business needs, and Wärtsilä guarantees that these targets will be reached and maintained. The measurable indicators can include, for example, uptime, reliability, fuel consumption, emissions and overhaul duration. This kind of outcome-based agreement is a true partnership where Wärtsilä shares the risks and rewards with you.

Key benefits

  • Guaranteed operational efficiency and availability
  • A partnership based on shared risks and rewards
  • Predictable maintenance costs enabling easier budgeting
  • Increased visibility into your operational data with detailed insights
  • Actionable advice from Wärtsilä Expertise Centre experts 
  • Smarter, safer and more sustainable operations

Building blocks for guaranteed asset performance

A Guaranteed Asset Performance Agreement is a tailored to your unique needs by combining the right services and solutions into a comprehensive agreement package. The building blocks are: 

Guaranteed asset performance

Connectivity Solution
Partnership Management
Maintenance Planning
Fluid Management
Exchange Set Management
Data-driven Dynamic Maintenance Planning (DMP)
Expert Insight
Operational Support
Fuel Efficiency Optimisation
Spare Parts
Maintenance Execution
Performance Guarantees

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Improvements have been seen across all aspects of our operations, from day-to-day activities to major overhauls, where everything – down to the smallest details – is being handled better and smarter and with a focus on constant improvement of engine performance and SFOC reduction.

Riccardo Cordara, Senior Director, Fleet Asset Management, Carnival Corporation


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