Guaranteed asset performance

The Wärtsilä Guaranteed asset performance is a solution that provides guaranteed operational reliability.

This means that performance targets are determined based on measured data, and Wärtsilä guarantees that these targets are reached and maintained. Measurable indicators can include, for example, availability, reliability and fuel consumption. The agreed targets are reached through automated key performance measurements, optimised maintenance and remote advisory. With remote advisory, you can get real-time support regardless of your location, and the remote service is complemented with on-board advisory. Condition monitoring and audits, together with a performance improvement plan, increase availability and reliability.

    • Guaranteed operational reliability and uptime
    • Savings in operational costs thanks to improved and maintained ship efficiency
    •  Maximised uptime through optimised maintenance and remote support
    •  Performance improvement plan
    •  Maintenance cost guarantee
    • Long-term cost predictability and shared goals
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