White paper: Outcome-based business partnerships

Why outcome-based business partnerships deliver superior results in complex marine markets.

Why outcome-based business partnerships are the win-win approach

As a ship owner or operator, you may have a challenge related to traditional maintenance services. If you consider services as a series of transactions, you lose sight of your longer-term goals. It is so easy to concentrate on short-term results.

There is another way. If you have a trusted service partner and focus on agreed outcomes, you will get superior results – especially in the area of decarbonisation.

Read how outcome-based business partnerships can deliver guaranteed results.

Download this white paper now! Outcome-based business partnerships – why they deliver superior results in complex marine markets

Outcome-based business partnerships are a novel approach in the marine industry. Whether you want vessel uptime, fuel savings, or emission reduction, your tailored service agreement will have that at its core.

Download this white paper to learn why outcome-based business partnerships help you:

  • Make meaningful progress towards your decarbonisation goals
  • Reduce your environmental footprint significantly
  • Reach your strategic goals 
  • Get more value from the services.

The paper includes real-life examples of owners and operators that are already reaping the benefits of an outcome-based business partnership with Wärtsilä. One of them gets fuel and emissions savings – guaranteed. Another prefers reliability and gets a guarantee on uptime.

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