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Episode 2: Vessel segments

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Vessel segments - all sizes great and small

The ferry industry is characterised by a vast array of dramatically different ship configurations and operating profiles, all of which require their own unique approach to decarbonisation. In our ship types chapter we take a closer look at developments in the RoRo, RoPax, high-speed and commuter ferry subsegments.


The chapter provides an overview of each segment and how decarbonisation is being addressed in each of them before going on to examine noteworthy customer reference cases that Wärtsilä is involved in.

We examine the rising popularity of dual-fuel engines in hybrid propulsion setups in the RoRo and RoPax sectors, discuss future-fuel approaches with LNG, and take a look at projects where Wärtsilä technologies such as waterjets have been applied to deliver exceptional fuel efficiency, reliability, and performance.

The route to profitable decarbonisation

The route to profitable decarbonisation

Insights and practical guidance for the ferry segment

This white paper takes a deep dive into the challenges facing this hugely diverse industry as it plots a path towards zero-carbon operations. It provides an overview of the current state of play in the industry, a comprehensive review of its geographical nuances and an in-depth look at individual vessel types.

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