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Reliability for the long haul

A global leader in smart technologies and complete shaft line solutions for the marine market, we at Wärtsilä Shaft Line Solutions have the experience, products and specialised services to support ship owners and operators throughout the whole life cycle of their vessel. 

As well as reliable, efficient and technologically advanced, our fully integrated shaft line solutions are designed to reduce risks at sea and ensure compliance with current legislation.

Getting your bearings straight.


Products and spare parts

We are continually developing and innovating our products and processes to deliver complete stern tube packages and custom-engineered shaft line solutions.

Aside from our standard product range - Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spare parts for Cedervall, Deep Sea Seals (DSS) and Japan Marine Technologies (JMT) - we design, test and manufacture seal and bearing products at our research facilities across the globe do deliver dependable shaft line solutions.

Maximising equipment performance and operational efficiency

Bringing aging systems up-to-date with the latest technological standards, our upgrade solutions maximise equipment performance and maintain operational efficiency so that ship owners and operators can get the most out of their vessel.


    Wärtsilä Shaft Line Repair Services
    In the event of a minor or major shipping incident, this interdisciplinary offering brings customers a comprehensive overhaul and upgrade service for shaft lines and associated equipment.

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    Wärtsilä Alignment & Measurement Services
    Adept at carrying out calculations and overseeing corrective actions for various rotating and non-rotating equipment, we have the skills to offer all-encompassing alignment and measurement services based on class-approved methodology.

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    More solutions          
    Wärtsilä Oil-to-Water Conversion Services
    Seawater is an economically viable and environmentally-friendly lubricant for propeller shafts. From super yachts to cargo ships, we can install a sea water lubrication system on any vessel irrespective of type or size.

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    Wartsila Oil-to-Water Conversions
    Wärtsilä Field Services
    Our highly skilled Field Services team is ready to respond worldwide to in-situ commissioning, repairs and overhauls to help ship operators decrease downtime and eliminate the need for dry-docking.

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    Wartsila Field Services
    Wärtsilä Underwater Services
    As the first global operator in the underwater services market with a team of certified diver technicians and propulsion experts, we are uniquely positioned to carry out upgrades or overhauls under the water and on a global scale. 

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    Wartsila Underwater Services


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