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Europe towards a 100% renewable energy future

We help Europe to decarbonise 

The urgency of the climate crisis demands that the power sector pioneers the rapid decarbonisation of economies worldwide. Europe has a big role to play in this game.

We believe careful planning of the development of power systems can save billions and rapidly reduce CO2 emissions. We create value through our extensive power system modelling knowledge and experience from integrating different generating assets.

On this page, you may find our best materials and proceedings in decarbonising Europe.


14 APR 2022 Article
5 min read
Charging up in the UK
As the EV revolution takes off, we look at how and why Pivot Power is building Britain’s most powerful electric vehicle...
factory, pollution, nuclear
30 MAR 2022 Article
7 min read
Is the EU’s climate policy overhaul ambitious enough to meet its carbon targets?
The EU has committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 and cut...
21 FEB 2022 Article
4 min read
The many shades of green
The European Commission surprised the market recently when it published the Complementary Climate Delegated Act, which says...
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References in Europe

10 GW

of engine power plant capacity installed.

300 MW

of energy storage capacity installed.

2.2 GW

of installed base under service agreement.

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