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Wärtsilä Marine Methanol Conversion

The maritime industry is currently looking into alternative fuels and fuel flexibility in order to cut greenhouse gas and other emissions. One of the emerging alternative step towards decarbonised operations in the form of alternative, greener future fuels is methanol. Methanol meet current and future emissions targets in terms of NOx, SOX and particulates, and there’s a readily available global supply which makes methanol a viable fuel for any type of marine vessel.

Wärtsilä Marine Methanol Conversion is a holistic solution to convert existing vessels to use methanol as a fuel. Whether your vessel can be converted to operate on methanol depends mainly on the space required by the tanks and additional equipment.
When you are thinking of adapting a vessel to run on methanol, there are five extremely important things to consider – even before you start planning. This handy eGuide helps you make your fuel conversion a success.

Wärtsilä can support you throughout the project starting from a feasibility study and the feasibility calculations to a full project execution.

Key benefits

  • Reduction of emissions
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Greener image
  • Increased fuel flexibility


    Wärtsilä can deliver the full project from feasibility studies to execution planning and implementation. Since every project is unique, our approach is flexible and adaptable to your needs, resulting in the best solution for your requirements. Wärtsilä’s professional project management teams have a proven track record of running smooth, successful projects.


    Methanol engine technology is currently available for ZA40S engines and solutions for further engine types are currently under development.

    Download white paper

    4 clear examples - proof that methanol could really work for your vessel

    Discover four real-life examples – one each from the cruise, ferry, merchant and offshore sectors. Learn how operators are already using methanol to solve their challenges, and how you can start using it to reduce emissions immediately.

    Download white paper now!


    Methanol conversion will reduce emissions

    Converting your vessel’s engines to run on methanol is a great way to reduce your emissions. You will find 49 more ways in a fascinating eBook “50 great ways the maritime industry could cut its greenhouse gas emissions”. Learn more:

    Download the eBook now!

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