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MethanolPac – reliable handling of the fuel

Wärtsilä MethanolPac is a complete fuel supply system for methanol-fuelled ships, including a low-pressure part (the bunkering station, tank related equipment, methanol process equipment as well as the control and monitoring system) and a high-pressure part (MFPU - Methanol Fuel Pump Unit -  and OPU - sealing and control oil pump unit), depending on the needs of the methanol consumers.

Key benefits

  • Fully automated system that interfaces with hull-integrated tanks
  • Integration with Wärtsilä engines
  • Tailor-made solution based on vessel needs
  • Focus on safe handling of the fuel

    Technical data

    • Standardized high-pressure system modules
    • Designed according to Classification Societies’ Rules
    • Dedicated control and monitoring system 
    • High-pressure and low-pressure pumps driven by frequency converter to minimize electric consumption
    • Installation of a methanol cooler in the system to keep fuel temperature under control
    • Delivery of process system components in defined skids
    • Fuel transfer system in case of several tanks


    Wärtsilä can deliver methanol systems for propulsion and power generation for the W32 methanol engine, either as a standalone product or as a part of a complete propulsion system. A solution for other methanol consumers (4-stroke and 2-stroke) can be studied. Our methanol solutions are suitable both for newbuild and retrofit applications.

    Adopting methanol as marine fuel

    If you are considering a switch to low-carbon fuel, methanol is an attractive option. Green methanol has the potential to be carbon free, and it meets current and future emissions targets in terms of NOx, SOx and particulates.

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