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Wärtsilä MethanolPac - safe handling of the fuel

Wärtsilä MethanolPac is a complete fuel supply system for methanol-fuelled ships, including a low-pressure part (the bunkering station, tank related equipment, methanol process equipment as well as the control and monitoring system) and a high-pressure part (MFPU - Methanol Fuel Pump Unit -  and OPU - sealing and control oil pump unit), depending on the needs of the methanol consumers.

Key benefits

  • Fully automated system that interfaces with hull-integrated tanks
  • Integration with Wärtsilä engines
  • Tailor-made solution based on vessel needs
  • Focus on safe handling of the fuel

    Technical data

    • Standardized high-pressure system modules
    • Designed according to Classification Societies’ Rules
    • Dedicated control and monitoring system 
    • High-pressure and low-pressure pumps driven by frequency converter to minimize electric consumption
    • Installation of a methanol cooler in the system to keep fuel temperature under control
    • Delivery of process system components in defined skids
    • Fuel transfer system in case of several tanks


    Wärtsilä can deliver methanol systems for propulsion and power generation for the W32 methanol engine, either as a standalone product or as a part of a complete propulsion system. A solution for other methanol consumers (4-stroke and 2-stroke) can be studied. Our methanol solutions are suitable both for newbuild and retrofit applications.


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