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Solutions for short-distance ferries

On a global scale, small passenger-only commuter and tourist ferries outnumber all other ferry types and have extremely long service lives, with 30, 40 and even 50-year lifespans not unusual. Routes tend to be very short, although in archipelagos a vessel may call at multiple stops on a circular route. Most are powered by medium or high-speed engines with a relatively low power output. In the last few years, these vessel types have proved to be an ideal application for a hybrid or full-electric propulsion system.

Upgrades and retrofits

Lifecycle services

  • Kootenay lake ferry reference
    Kootenay lake ferry

    By opting for Wärtsilä’s Hybrid Solution rather than a conventional propulsion arrangement, the operator will benefit from reduced fuel consumption and a far lower level of exhaust emissions.

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  • Folgefonn_Jektavik
    MF Folgefonn

    In 2015 the car ferry “MF Folgefonn” was retrofitted into a full scale hybrid and plug-in hybrid ferry. It can be run as conventional diesel electric, as hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid. In hybrid operation the savings in fuel consumption in optimised mode is 10-20%. Emissions will be reduced by 30%, as a result of both the reduced fuel consumption and the improved operational profile for the combustion engines on board.

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  • Norled AS's Fjordveien

    LowNOx conversion reduces NOx taxes for the Fjordveien ferry

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