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In 2015 the car ferry “MF Folgefonn” was retrofitted into a full scale hybrid and plug-in hybrid ferry. The ferry services the connection between the islands of Stord, Tysnes and Huglo in Norway. “MF Folgefonn” is now unique in terms of having all types of electrical power solutions in one vessel; it can be run as conventional diesel electric, as hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid. In hybrid operation the savings in fuel consumption in optimised mode is 10-20%. Emissions will be reduced by 30%, as a result of both the reduced fuel consumption and the improved operational profile for the combustion engines on board. In plug-in hybrid operation the fuel savings will be 20-30%, and in pure plug-in operation the potential is 100%.

We are pleased to support Wärtsilä’s efforts for creating greater efficiencies for marine operators. Technologies that improve safety, reduce operating costs, and lower the environmental impact can only be good for our industry.

- Sigvald Breivik, Technical director, Norled

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