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Service and maintenance

Minimise downtime and costs with Wärtsilä’s worldwide support and maintenance service

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Service and maintenance

Global 24×7

Reach us via phone, email or using ECDIS failure reports. Contact us at:

  • 24/7 phone: +46 771 460 100
  • Email:;

We first try to resolve cases remotely: via email, remote connections, or phone.

If unresolved, the scope of work is provided, and the case is handed to our field service engineering to arrange a physical visit.

During servicing, the engineer is supported by our remote support team via phone, email, or other remote connections.

Our virtual engineers test the configuration while the field engineer is on board to ensure everything is configured per Wärtsilä’s standards.

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Remote support

You can reach our remote support team via our global 24/7 contact lines.

Our remote support team connects with you at a mutually agreed time.

To establish the connection, the customer must actively accept the request by pressing a button on the ECDIS screen – it is a secured VPN connection using TeamViewer and our remote dashboard.

Our virtual engineers then commence work to resolve the problem. Simultaneously, we explain what went wrong and how we are fixing it.

Once the problem is fixed, we send a completion notification via email, and the crew should check the system.

If the problem is not fixed during the session, we inform you about the next steps.


Remote service

Field services

You can reach the field services team via our global 24/7 contact lines.

Our remote support team handles your request first. If it cannot be managed remotely, one of our field service coordinators takes over.

The field service coordinator investigates the case thoroughly, assigns an agent, and arranges relevant spare parts for a planned servicing visit.

The customer is kept in the loop at every stage, and a detailed service report is provided.

Service work on site


Equipped with professional ship handing simulators, Wärtsilä's state-of-art training centre offers the best conditions for a successful learning environment.

We provide a variety of training solutions for seagoing navigational staff as well as onboard and land-based personnel and technical staff.

With several integrated navigation bridges and numerous standalone units, we replicate the exact conditions crew members and service engineers face onboard.

Our instructors, including former navigational officers and engineers, have extensive knowledge from a variety of different fields.

Combination of fieldwork and training ensures the expertise needed for effective performance to support the everyday business operations of customers.


Service training

Digital data support

This is your first point of contact for all digital data-related queries and issues.

Contact for chart and data order and delivery, chart updates, and other necessary digital data information onboard; any data-related installation & licensing problems onboard.

We prove support at two levels: a 24/7 coordination team, and a highly qualified experts' team based in Europe and Asia available during local working hours.


Digital service report

Service access code

In order to receive a service access code, please fill in the information.

A corresponding service access code will be supplied to you. This code is non-transferable and will operate only with the current console system for a maximum period of 12 hours.

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