The Wärtsilä Brand

A brand is so much more than just a logo, or a visual identity. It is a combination of a company’s reputation and identity. Our reputation comes from making promises and keeping them.

We optimise lifecycle value through efficient, flexible and environmentally sound power solutions on land and at sea. Wärtsilä’s roots are in engines and engineering, ships and power plants. We are passionate about technology and willing to go to great lengths to ensure that our solutions work as they should. We focus on maximising customer benefits of our products and services through environmentally and economically sustainable measures. The brand strategy - with a single corporate brand for all stakeholders - builds on this.

The Wärtsilä brand identity reflects our corporate values, which are Energy, Excellence and Excitement. At the core of our brand personality is a great passion for what we do – for finding the best solutions for our customers’ needs.

We take pride in our reliability. We always try to exceed the expectations. Where others just talk, we get things done.

Wärtsilä logo
Wärtsilä's logo symbolises wave energy on land and at sea.
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