Shaping the decarbonisation of marine and energy

Wärtsilä accelerates the transition towards marine decarbonisation and the shift to a 100% renewable energy future.

Marine and energy sectors account for roughly a third of the world’s carbon emissions. This is why we pioneer and introduce solutions and services that help our customers continuously improve their environmental and economic performance.

Decarbonisation requires a broad range of solutions. We already have technologies and solutions that enable the transition to decarbonised shipping and 100% renewable power systems.

We join forces with other ecosystem players to think outside the box, innovate, and develop collaborative solutions for our industries to overcome the most pressing challenge of our time.

Decarbonising maritime

Decarbonising the maritime sector will require a wide range of different measures. It’s a transformation which will take active collaboration, research, and new innovations.

Wärtsilä is best placed to support our customers in their decarbonisation journey thanks to our partnerships, expertise, and extensive portfolio of solutions.

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Leading the energy transition

Wärtsilä leads the transition towards a 100% renewable energy future – we model, design, build and serve optimal power systems for future generations.

Renewables are becoming the main sources of energy. However, balancing solutions, such as engines and energy storage, will provide the needed flexibility to ensure reliable and optimised power systems. Decarbonisation is feasible already today with existing technologies and proper planning.

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Energy decarbonisation

Shaping the markets through active engagement in ecosystems

No one person or company can change the course of the world alone. A broad range of solutions is needed to reach the Paris treaty targets. By joining forces with other ecosystem players, we can ensure an even broader decarbonisation offering to our customers.

Examples of our strategic projects and partnerships

Set for 30
Set for 30 – our decarbonisation journey

We want to make a difference in the world. We are committed to providing a product portfolio which will be ready for zero carbon fuels and being carbon neutral in our own operations by 2030.

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