Wärtsilä's sea partnerships

All Wärtsilä’s partnerships link back our purpose of enabling sustainable societies through innovation in technology and services. While some of our partnerships are more tightly linked with the business (read more here), Wärtsilä is also actively participating in many initiatives that allow us simply give back to the society and the environment.


PADI AWARE & Wärtsilä

PADI AWARE is a global foundation working to protect underwater environments. Wärtsilä supports PADI AWARE by organising Dive Against Debris events. To date, Wärtsilä’s volunteer divers have teamed up with our partners in four locations – in Finland, UAE and Germany – lifting up thousands of kilos of trash from the seabed during the years.

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Mercy Ships & Wärtsilä

We are partnering with Mercy Ships to power the world's largest NGO hospital ship, known as Global Mercy. This 174-meter vessel sails to locations that are harder to reach to provide vital surgical care at no cost. On-board there are three decks with six operating theatres, 102 acute care beds, 90 self-care beds, and additional space to host up to 950 people at any one time. To keep the hospital ship running at all times, Wärtsilä is offering spare parts for the vessel, and providing field service, asset monitoring, and full technical support.

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John Nurminen Foundation & Wärtsilä

Each year since its launch in 2019, Wärtsilä has joined the annual Baltic Sea Day. This theme day, managed by John Nurminen Foundation, aims to inspire actions and thoughts for and about the Baltic Sea, bringing together multiple stakeholders with similar values and sustainability aspirations.

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Seabin Project & Wärtsilä

The Seabin Project was created by innovative Australians to help address the environmental challenge that plastic and other waste is causing to the oceans of the world. Now, as Seabin Project is concurring the world, we can proudly look back at 2017 when Wärtsilä signed up – as the first big industrial company – to partner with this company, that was a start-up at the time.

During the years, Wärtsilä has donated more than 40 Seabins around the world.

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