Lifecycle services: Power without limits

In a world marked by evolving technology, regulations, stakeholder pressures, and the need for sustainable solutions, only the most adaptable operations will maintain a competitive edge.

That’s why Wärtsilä Decarbonisation services includes the full scope of our lifecycle solutions and upgrades to help microgrid operators guarantee reliability and competitiveness through the asset lifecycle. Our extensive experience in the maintenance and optimisation of power plants ensures your power knows no bounds.

We’re not a one-off supplier or service provider. We’re a long-term, strategic partner. Lifecycle solutions ranging from spare parts and maintenance to long-term service agreements ensure the performance and competitiveness of your operations in a safe, reliable, and sustainable way. Lifecycle upgrades help you manage obsolescence and future-proof assets in a changing environment while maximising the lifetime of the investment.

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Bid farewell to guesswork. Leveraging our market-leading expertise, we analyse the authentic real-time performance  of your assets, fine-tuning their operation and maintenance. This approach ensures predictable outcomes, maximum energy efficiency, safety assurance, and maximised competitiveness.

Abandon fixed schedules. Through condition monitoring and inspections, our engine maintenance efforts are in sync with your operations, delivering precisely what you need when you need it. Enjoy full access to our global network of experts and your dedicated support team, available whenever you require assistance. 

We don't just perform maintenance; we drive improvement.

With us, you get:

  • Long-term reliability and availability: We are dedicated to fulfilling customers’ needs for long-term reliability and sustainable, profitable operations amidst the complexities of the energy sector.
  • Comprehensive capabilities and expertise: With 18 GW of power plants under long-term service agreements, we offer global presence, robust supply chains, and 190 years of experience.
  • Holistic solutions: Our lifecycle solutions maintain and optimise power plant performance, combining technology, software, service expertise, and a holistic view of installations on a system level through long-term service agreements.
  • Future-proofing: Our lifecycle upgrades, including gas conversions and various engine and power plant upgrades, manage obsolescence, future-proof assets, and maximise the lifetime of your investment.

Case: Empowering the Geita Gold Mine

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In north-western Tanzania, the Geita Gold Mine, the flagship of AngloGold Ashanti, sought a robust power generation solution to support its expanding operations.

Transitioning from open-pit to underground mining, the mine faced the challenge of ensuring a continuous power supply to avoid revenue losses from production interruptions. We stepped in with a turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) solution, coupled with a comprehensive 10-year Wärtsilä Operation and maintenance (O&M) agreement.

We delivered a 40 MW flexible power plant, incorporating four Wärtsilä 32TS engine generating sets. The EPC solution ensured a reliable power source and an uninterrupted electrical supply, mitigating downtime risks and revenue losses caused by power outages. The O&M agreement covered immediate repairs in case of breakdowns, further enhancing the reliability and performance of the power generation equipment.

Under the O&M agreement, local employees were recruited and trained to operate and maintain the power plant, contributing to the local economy by creating employment opportunities in the area. The Geita Gold Mine now benefits from responsive and efficient onsite maintenance, with regional and global teams providing quick and effective support.

The O&M agreement ensures an uninterrupted off-grid power supply, eliminating revenue losses from power shortages.

The flexibility of the installed power plant allows for optimisation during its lifecycle through upgrades, modernisation, and potential fuel conversion. This adaptability ensures that the plant remains aligned with the mine’s evolving operational needs.

Geita Gold in numbers

  • 40 MW flexible power plant.
  • USD $2 million in fuel savings in 2019.
  • 100% availability, exceeding target of 98.7%.