Customs and trade compliance requirements

Wärtsilä is delivering spare parts and end products globally and is committed to complying with all mandatory domestic and applicable international export laws and regulations

Shipments worldwide challenges Wärtsilä’s as well as its suppliers’ operations. Different country of origin documentations are timely needed to enable smooth delivery processes. These documents vary based on the ship from and ship to destinations.

When shipping goods worldwide tariff classification plays an important role. Correct classification is the key for smooth customs clearance processes across the world, being compliant by paying correct amount of import VAT and duties.

Export control is an internationally used legal instrument focusing on cross-border exchange of goods and services. All export control related information is to be provided to Wärtsilä by our suppliers (or manufacturers of the goods).

Customs and trade compliance requirements

Country of origin
Origin related documents
Tariff classification
Export control and sanctions

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