Requirements for suppliers

Wärtsilä has defined a set of mandatory requirements for its suppliers to comply with Wärtsilä’s Code of Conduct and the Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy in order to achieve the Wärtsilä purpose of Enabling sustainable societies through innovation in technology and services. In addition to these supplier requirements, we have product and service-specific requirements, which are continuously monitored as part of the Supplier Requirements and Performance Management process.

Supplier evaluation

Wärtsilä ensures the compliance of its suppliers through the Supplier Compliance Assurance process as described in the flowchart below. This process is conducted as a part of Supplier Onboarding and, Supplier Requirements and Performance Management processes.

Steps of Supplier Compliance Assurance


The Supplier Compliance Assurance process comprises the following phases: information collection, risk evaluation, and Vendor Management System (VMS) rating.

During information collection phase a number of data collection activities are performed to ensure that the necessary information is available to perform a fact-based risk evaluation and VMS rating of a supplier. The data collection activities may include for example use of online questionnaires or on-site auditing. For new suppliers, first step is to provide information through online questionnaire.

In risk evaluation phase all available information is reviewed to gain knowledge of possible risks and to understand the capabilities of the suppliers.

The last phase of the Supplier Compliance Assurance process is VMS rating which aims to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a supplier and ensure the compliance with Wärtsilä supplier requirements.

Guidelines and instructions for suppliers are available on the Supplier Guidelines page.