Digital collaboration

Wärtsilä promotes the digital exchange of information and thus provide digital collaboration tools for its suppliers to exchange information with Wärtsilä related to procurement, logistics and product quality assurance.

If you are interested in these tools, please contact Wärtsilä's supply management professionals who will assist you with the implementation of the tools.

Tools for suppliers can be found here:

Wärtsilä prefers e-invoices

What is an e-invoice?

An electronic invoice (eInvoice) is an invoice that has been issued, transmitted and received in a structured data format which allows for its automatic and electronic processing. A PDF invoice is not an e-invoice.

Why e-invoicing?

E-invoicing is a solution for invoicing electronically, and it suits both large and small companies. E-invoicing is rapidly becoming mandatory around the world and governments all around the world are picking up speed to digitalize their systems.

Wärtsilä prefers to receive purchase invoices as e-invoices and encourages all suppliers to send their invoices to Wärtsilä in electronic format. Wärtsilä is working with two e-invoicing operators and also PEPPOL is supported.

Benefits of e-invoicing

  • Secure channel to send and receive invoices
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fast and reliable invoice delivery
  • Cost efficient
  • Paperless
  • Electronic archiving

Detailed information

Wärtsilä supplier guide to e-invoicing [PDF]
Wärtsilä e-invoice addresses [PDF]
Wärtsilä invoice data requirements

Currently e-invoicing is preferred in the Wärtsilä entities which are included in the above ‘Wärtsilä e-invoice addresses’ list. Wärtsilä is using two different e-invoicing service providers for different entities: TietoEvry and Pagero. Operator is based on which country’s Wärtsilä entity is receiving the invoice. For e-invoice inquiries please contact Invoice.e(at)

Options to send e-invoices to Wärtsilä

a) Integrate your invoicing system with TietoEvry or any other compatible service provider, or register with TietoEvry to use their free online portal to send e-invoices to Wärtsilä

b) Integrate your invoicing system with Pagero or any other compatible service provider or register with Pagero for free and send your e-invoices via the Pagero Online portal

Note! The portals do not support uploading of PDF invoices, instead the portals enable the creation and sending of electronic invoices (e-invoices).

E-invoicing service operator based on which country’s Wärtsilä entity is receiving the invoice

eInvoice map