• Flexicycle Power Plant
    Powering Africa with Wärtsilä's Flexible Engine Technology

    Wärtsilä engines are the best choice to provide flexible, efficient and decarbonised energy to the continent

Why choose engine technology over turbines?

Engine power plants offer flexible, efficient, and reliable power generation;  providing an ideal solution to utilities as they pursue renewable energy and decarbonization goals. 

Wärtsilä engines can respond to any grid needs within five minutes, maintain high performance under extreme operating conditions and are fuel flexible - able to run on natural gas, biogas, fuel oil, LPG, other liquid fuels, and hydrogen blends



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Sujen Balakisson 

Business Development Manager
East and Southern Africa
Wärtsilä Energy


David Szymanski

General Manager, Business Development
West and North Africa
Wärtsilä Energy


Wärtsilä in Africa

7.6 GW

of engine power plant capacity installed.


countries served in Africa


engines installed across the continent


customers across the continent


Our engines' impact globally:

  • AGL-Reference-image
    AGL Energy Limited - Australia

    To improve its energy reliability, AGL Energy Limited, one of Australia’s leading integrated energy companies, turned to Wärtsilä for dispatchable power.

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  • limbe-power-plant-reference-slide
    Limbe Power Plant - Cameroon

    Eneo Cameroon’s Limbe power plant could generate only about 40% of the installed total capacity of 80MW. Wärtsilä’s solution was a complete rehabilitation; a total overhaul of four Wärtsilä 18V46 engines and five alternators.

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  • Chambersburg
    Chambersburg peaking power plant - USA

    Chambersburg updated the automation system of their 23-megawatt power plant consisting of four Wärtsilä 18V32DF dual-fuel engines to achieve better reliability. The upgrade enables faster ramp-up times and minimizes start failures, which are key features for getting the power plant online quickly.

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  • Kenya East Africa’s Power House2
    Gulf Power - Kenya

    The tailor-made O&M contract was a result of a natural process and the team to operate and maintain the power plant was assigned locally from Wärtsilä Eastern Africa. The plant provides base load power to the national grid of Kenya.

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  • Paras Energy
    Paras Energy, Nigeria

    Since deciding in 2009 that its three new power plants would operate with Wärtsilä gas engines rather than gas turbines, the conventional choice at that time in Nigeria, Paras Energy has continued to benefit from that decision.

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  • Kaloum 5 - Republic of Guinea
    Kaloum 5 - Republic of Guinea

    Power plant overhaul boosts availability and grid stability.

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  • Bali 200 MW
    PLTD Pesanggaran, Indonesia

    Grid stability in Indonesia – 200MW multi-fuel power plant generating reliable electricity in Bali with operational and fuel flexibility

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  • marquette
    Marquette Energy Center - Michigan, USA

    Flexible power plant provides reliability with sustainable fuels in The Great Lakes state. In order to secure a reliable energy supply and enable more renewable energy, Marquette Board of Light and Power (MBLP) in Michigan, USA, opted for Wärtsilä Smart Power Generation technology.

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  • Makuhari Power Plant, Japan
    Makuhari - Japan

    The Wärtsilä 34SG engines combined with cooling and heating properties allow ENAC to focus on its core competence of providing energy services to its nine main customers. The solution provided by Wärtsilä is in line with the environmental values of ENAC as well as the energy and heat demand of the Makuhari New City.

  • Manisa Power Plant
    Manisa - Turkey

    Wärtsilä was awarded a power plant contract for an 85 MW replacement, and extension of an existing diesel power plant at Manisa in Western Turkey. It involved the very first three Wärtsilä 50DF generating sets for a power plant installation, delivered in 2004. Four Wärtsilä 34SG sets were added in an extension in 2005.

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  • Benndale, Mississippi, USA
    Cooperative Energy - Benndale, MS, USA

    Cooperative Energy was looking to upgrade one of its plants in order to help it supply affordable, flexible and reliable power. Wärtsilä’s comprehensive solution comprises a plant powered by two gas-fired Wärtsilä 31SG engine generating sets and covered by a 10-year service agreement.

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