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Energy Solutions

Wärtsilä installed base has steadily grown in Pakistan since 1994 when the company was launched in the country.  There were periods of rapid growth in the mid-90’s and from 2008-10. Currently more than 1.7 GW are operational in power plant installations in Pakistan (out of which IPPs of 1.1 GW aggregate capacity are connected to the national grid) and by the end of 2016, Wärtsilä will have the installed base increased to 1.85 GW.  Wärtsilä has a strong position in Pakistan utility sector where it has a share of around 5% in power generation. Wärtsilä has the lead position in multi-fuel energy solutions in Pakistan as well as a very strong position in industrial power generation. It has a number of installations producing power, heat and chilled water for air conditioning. Wärtsilä is also stepping up development activities in LNG business.
Wärtsilä Pakistan provides complete energy solutions in Pakistan (as well as Afghanistan) and has full EPC capability.

Power plant installations:

  • HFO combined cycle 866 MW
  • HFO simple cycle 274 MW
  • Gas simple cycle 164 MW
  • Multi-Fuel simple cycle 195 MW
  • Total Power Plants = 1733 MW

    To be added in 2017 =   121 MW


  • IPPs
  • Textile Industry 
  • Cement Industry
  • Oil &Gas Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Shopping Mall

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