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Voyage Optimiser tool

Easiest, most effective voyage optimisation and planning

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Voyage optimisation – the smoothest way to your optimal voyage plan

The Voyage Optimiser tool uses weather data, safety parameters and your commercial efficiency considerations to plan the most optimised voyage and route for your vessel. This web-based tool is easy to use, and it will take the guesswork out of route planning.

Adopt the Voyage Optimiser tool and you will have the ideal position to make informed decisions on the upcoming voyage. It uses advanced algorithms to optimise the vessel’s route and fuel consumption. It will also monitor the progress of the voyage against the plan.

Voyage Optimiser delivers seven valuable benefits

Saves time. Voyage planning is faster because the optimised routes and speed profiles are based on real-time weather data and safety parameters.

Reduces effort. It is easier and more convenient for you plan voyages thanks to the FOS software. Voyage suggestions and calculations are effortlessly generated based on the data within the system.

Saves money. The tool helps your vessel perform optimally. Its fuel efficiency is optimal, which saves fuel and reduces your operational costs. Fuel savings bring emissions savings, which lowers your EU ETS costs.

Reduces risk and reduces anxiety. Your voyage plan is based on real-time data, which eliminates guesswork and reduces the risk of human error. The tool also monitors the ship’s progress against the plan while it is sailing.

Connects. The tool connects between the vessel and onshore management, and collaboration is easier and more efficient. Both sides stay on track about the plan and possible course corrections.

Grows your expertise. The Post-Voyage Insights in the tool will give you valuable benchmarking and analyses. You will learn from each voyage.

Regulatory compliance. The tool helps ensure that the vessel stays compliant with Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) ratings.

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Voyage Optimiser – key features

Weather routing. The Voyage Optimiser tool will plan the optimal route while considering no-go areas and ECAs, ECO speed, fixed speed instructions, or the need to optimise for JIT.

Integration. The Voyage Optimiser tool can be integrated with your existing systems and platforms. Its seamless integration capabilities make it easy to bring into use.

Accurate data. Because the tool uses reliable, real-time weather information and safety parameters, it can make an accurate and optimised voyage plan.

Easy to use. Because the Voyage Optimiser tool is intuitive and easy to use, the user can concentrate on the more important task – navigating the vessel.

Compatible. The tool is compatible with a wide range of vessels and it adapts to a variety of shipping operations. That is why most vessels and fleets will find it optimally suited to their purposes.

Cyber secure. The tool meets data privacy and protection requirements. It has robust security measures built in to ensure that your data stays confidential and in your control.

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How to get started with the Voyage Optimiser tool

The Voyage Optimiser tool is an optional feature of our Fleet Optimisation Solution (FOS).

It is easy to add it to your current FOS subscription. Please contact us to schedule a personalised demonstration to learn how this tool could transform your business.

If you are not a FOS user yet, your easiest step is to let us know that you are interested.


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