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Propeller solutions enabling energy savings

    Propellers are the unseen workhorse of a vessel and are also a great way to deliver efficiency and manoeuvrability improvements. Wärtsilä propeller solutions are designed for specific vessel need and operating profile to ensure that the propulsion system uses the energy as efficiently as possible and thereby reducing fuel consumption and related emissions, all contributing to the decarbonisation of the marine industry.   

Our Solutions

  • LNG vessel for Knutsen OAS Shipping reference
    LNG vessel for Knutsen OAS Shipping

    The latest development of the LNG infrastructure provides clear evidence of the increasing importance of LNG fuel to the marine industry. Wärtsilä has a lot of experience and know-how throughout the LNG value chain, and we are confident that their solutions are what we need for this latest expansion to our fleet.

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  • Sten Idun
    Sten Idun

    Sten Idun is a 16400 dwt Chemical Tanker with a Wärtsilä equipment package of engines, gear and propulsors. Sten Idun vas commissioned 2003 and features a PTI booster and takes me home mode.

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  • Stena Polaris
    Stena Polaris

    The Stena Polaris is a P-MAX tanker owned by Concordia Maritime. The vessel combines transport economy and flexibility with the very highest safety level. The vessel has been built to ice class 1 A specification, which means that it is well equipped to sail in ice-covered waters where broken ice can be up to 0.8 m thick.

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