• Combined heat and power (CHP) plants

Floating power plants

The two strengths of Wärtsilä – power generation and marine technology – are successfully integrated in our power barge solutions. They can easily be relocated and are therefore an ideal solution for power production on an interim basis as they can be connected to the grid to alleviate local power shortages where and when needed.

Floating power plants can also provide a rapid answer to increased power demand in advance of coming land based power plants.

Estrella Del Mar II - Floating Power Plant
Estrella del Mar II power barge, Dominican Republic

Advantages of a floating power plant

  • Provides fast supply of electricity to areas with limited infrastructure
  • Is a mobile asset, possible to relocate or trade
  • Does not require a large site
  • Is independent of soil quality
  • Provides secure power supply in the event of earth quakes or floods