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Increased efficiency of the installation

Keeping your turbochargers in prime condition and up to date is essential for the overall performance of your engines. A well maintained turbocharger ensures maximum fuel efficiency and prevents unexpected operational costs. Turbocharger maintenance is essential for the overall performance of the engine.

Wärtsilä provides quality services for turbochargers, delivering the best know-how and expertise that stems from a thorough understanding of the engine. Wärtsilä offers a wide range of turbocharger and engine upgrades, maintenance and repair services and spare parts. Turbocharger maintenance, combined with engine maintenance or separately, can be provided as a long term maintenance solution, covering all types of equipment for your installations.

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Key benefits

  • Increased installation efficiency
  • Optimal engine performance
  • High quality maintenance

Turbocharger maintenance is essential for the overall performance of the engine.


Maintenance & spare parts

Wärtsilä offers a full range of tested spare parts, tools and consumables bringing you quality parts wherever and whenever you need them – quickly and reliably.

Specialized and certified turbocharger service engineers are available worldwide at short notice. Expert service, proximity and responsiveness help you avoid unwanted surprises and unplanned downtime. A global network of certified turbocharger workshops supports your operations with troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrades and replacements.


Extended lifetime with minimum investments

Our offering of turbocharger and engine upgrades range from solutions that simply extend the lifecycle or your equipment to ones that also help you maximise operational efficiency. Increase the efficiency and extend the lifecycle of your equipment by keeping it up to date with Wärtsilä’s versatile conversion and upgrading solutions.


    Performance optimisation (marine)

    The Wärtsilä 46 Performance upgrade is a tailored performance upgrade package that boosts engine performance by optimising the combustion process and tuning the engine to the most frequently used operating range. This leads to lowered specific fuel oil consumption, lowered emissions, and increased operational flexibility.

    Performance optimisation (energy)

    An upgrade package involving a turbocharger exchange to improve engine output and increase certainty of operation.

    In most cases, at 50,000 hour intervals, turbochargers require a major overhaul and the rotating parts need to be replaced. However, instead of carrying out this extensive maintenance work, it can make more sense to utilize Wärtsilä’s upgrade package and exchange the turbocharger to take advantage of the latest generation technology.

    The benefits of the efficiency improvements are considerable. A reduction in fuel consumption of up to 4 percent can be achieved, thanks to the optimized engine tuning and higher boost.

    Turbocharger performance upgrade

    The Wärtsilä 50DF turbocharger performance upgrade increases engine performance in gas mode operation by increasing the waste gate margin around 10 percent. This makes it possible to fully control the charge air pressure on each load also in hot ambient conditions, thus the engine can be operated in all loading points.

    Prevent the unexpected with turbocharger wash

    The Wärtsilä Turbocharger wash is a cost effective and efficient means of preventing the unexpected and maintaining the turbocharger in good operating condition.

    Regular cleaning to remove the build-up of deposits on the turbine and compressor sides of turbochargers extends the interval between overhauls and keeps them in good operating condition. To facilitate this maintenance routine, Wärtsilä offers a fully-automated wash unit, which eliminates the need for manual timing of the wash sequence, and the manual opening and closing of valves. The wash unit controls the wash sequence from the PLC or from a separate control unit.

    Turbocharger safety package

    The Wärtsilä Turbocharger safety package consists of a Turbocharger vibrations monitoring system and a metal particle detector. The vibrations monitoring system is used to monitor the turbocharger operation in terms of vibrations levels and consequently provides valuable data that can be used to prevent failures and provide indications regarding the need for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

    The metal particle detector is installed in the turbocharger lube oil return line. The scope is to analyse the lube oil for traces of mechanical contamination and a possible metallic particles presence build up.



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