Wärtsilä 46 Performance upgrade for TPL 73

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Wärtsilä 46 Performance upgrade for TPL 73

Wärtsilä 46 Performance upgrade for TPL 73 combines the latest turbocharger technology with Miller inlet valve timing to improve turbocharger efficiency, reducing specific fuel oil consumption (SFOC) and therefore emissions and OPEX.

The upgrade involves replacing the performance-related parts of the engine’s TPL 73-A turbocharger and adjusting the inlet valve timing. The camshaft pieces that operate the inlet and exhaust valves are also replaced to allow the engine to take full advantage of the increased charging pressure provided by the upgraded turbocharger.

The upgrade reduces operating costs due to reduced SFOC and by extending the maintenance interval for the turbocharger’s rotating parts from 50,000 to 75,000 (SIKO) running hours and resetting the lifetime of the camshaft. CO2 emissions are also reduced as a result of the lower SFOC, helping ship owners and operators to comply with increasingly strict environmental regulations.

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 Key benefits

  • Reduce SFOC by up to 3.5 g/kWh
  • Increase turbocharger efficiency by 3–4%
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Cut carbon emissions

    Technical info

    The upgrade is a complete package that consists of the following:

    • Turbocharger upgrade from TPL73-A30 to TPL73-A4X
    • Inlet valve timing change
    • Engine check and tuning to verify current fuel injection timing and ensure that parameters that affect, for example, emissions are correct
    • A new technical file with valid EIAPP certification



    • Reduce SFOC by up to 3.5 g/kWh
    • Increase turbocharger efficiency by 3–4%
    • Reduce operational costs
    • Cut carbon emissions


    The upgrade is EIAPP certified and suitable for Wärtsilä 46 engines with a 16:1 compression ratio, cylinder output 1050 kW/cyl – 1070 kW/cyl, that are equipped with the TPL73 turbochargers. These chargers are typically used in W6L46 and W12V46 engines. The upgrade can also be performed on other cylinder configurations when combined with onboard EIAPP verification.

    This upgrade is a great investment in the future of the engine – one that addresses the economic and environmental issues simultaneously by reducing fuel consumption and therefore emissions.

    Boost engine performance with a Wärtsilä Performance upgrade

    Wärtsilä Performance upgrades are available for a variety of engine types. The upgrades boost engine performance by optimising the combustion process and tuning the engine to the most frequently used operating range.

    Our performance upgrade packages are tailored packages that make use of modern higher efficiency turbochargers, and when combined with adjusted inlet valve timing and engine tuning the engine’s performance is maximised with regards to fuel oil consumption and generated emissions. This will lower operational costs and aid in complying with tightening emission limits, all the while increasing operational efficiency.

    The scope of the package is determined case by case according to customer requirements. Engine documentation update (i.e. EIAPP amendment), in case needed, is part of Wärtsilä’s delivery scope.


    Carnival Freedom – the first cruise vessel to modernise its charging system

    Carnival Freedom was the first cruise vessel to modernize its charging system with Wärtsilä 46 Performance upgrade for TPL 73-A4X (including optimized “Miller” engine valve timing).

    As a result of this upgrade:

    • engine-specific fuel consumption (SFOC) was improved by up to -3,5 g/kWh
    • other engine running parameters were also improved.

    The upgrade was done without disrupting ongoing operations.

    engine-specific fuel consumption performance graph


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