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Oil, Gas, Safe and Secure: Discover Wärtsilä Offshore solutions

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Offshore solutions

Wärtsilä Offshore solutions meet the specific needs of the offshore and oil & gas sectors. Designed to protect offshore installations, they enable effective monitoring and tracking activity in a guard zone to preserve the environment and safeguard personnel. Real-time accurate monitoring of vessels approaching and entering the protection zones helps prevent damage and identify potential threats near offshore platforms or oil rigs. 

Key benefits

  • Advanced strike prediction modules
  • Anchoring detection systems
  • Special coordination tools
  • Long range detection
  • Clear audio and visual  
  • Integrated oil spill detection 
  • Virtual AtoN broadcast
  • Integration of multiple sensors into one control center
  • Integration with ADS-B displays helicopter traffic

Key features

  • Monitor vessel traffic around offshore installations: Oil & Gas platforms; Floating production storage and offloading units; Underwater pipelines or cables; Offshore wind farms and renewable energy power stations.
  • Control offshore activities.
  • Coordinate operations around offshore construction areas.
  • Providing safety and security around the installation area. 
  • Analyse and investigate accidents, incidents and near-misses.
  • SAR operations support.

Service and maintenance

We provide 24/7 and lifecycle-long support. Whether your assets need servicing, spare parts, you have questions about collaborations or want solution quotes — our Support and Maintenance Teams are here for you.

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How it works

  • Sensors detect all traffic around the oil and gas platforms or windfarms
  • System automatically provides early warning for unauthorized approaching traffic
  • Same data can be delivered to standby vessels
  • Joint control center for several installations can be provided in offshore or onshore locations

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