Wärtsilä R&D Simulator
Wärtsilä R&D Simulator

One of the world's first simulators designed specifically to test autonomous vessels and navigation algorithms using highly accurate digital twin and sensor technology.

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Wärtsilä R&D Simulator

Maritime simulators have a new role in R&D applications as an effective port and waterways design tool, thanks to the increasing accuracy of models and their adoption by navigators to prepare traffic operations.

Wärtsilä’s R&D simulator is, in fact, one of the first simulators designed specifically to test autonomous vessels and navigation algorithms. It uses a highly accurate digital twin of the ship and sensor technology to testbed for new concepts and products in a safe digital environment.

The simulator can be used for a plethora of projects such as port design and planning, fairways design, ship modelling and incident investigation, study ship operations in restricted water conditions and mooring operations, including tug operation. The simulator also acts as a platform for operators and crew to get used to new interfaces, which is critical before sea trials.

Key benefits

  • Demonstrate the safety of the system with many test case scenarios.
  • Testbed for new concepts and products within a safe digital environment.
  • Supports research work in ship modelling, harbour, and fairways design.
  • A platform for operators and crew to familiarise new interfaces, which is critical before sea trials.
  • Conduct batch testing of thousands of test cases, some of which would have been impossible to test safely in the real world.
  • Proceed to sea trails faster with batch testing, within months rather than years, with the confidence and support of regulators and customers.

Key features

  • NTPRO simulator R&D suite includes:
    - Model Wizard, a 3D database editing tool.
    - Virtual Shipyard, a ship hydrodynamic model development package.
    - Cardinal, a 3D current analysis and forecasting software.
  • Market-leading hydrodynamic and physical modelling.
  • Comprehensive API to connect third party control and decision support systems, external simulator control and data output such as reporting, and dashboard displays.
  • Powerful modelling toolkit for ship models, sailing areas and bridge equipment interfaces.
  • Special configuration tailored for each project.

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