Wärtsilä Ice Navigation and Management Simulator
Wärtsilä Ice navigation & management simulator

For vessel navigation and equipment handling training in cold weather conditions (below 0°C) and in ice-infested waters and ports.

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Wärtsilä Ice navigation & management simulator

Our ice navigation simulator is part of the NTPRO (Navi Trainer Professional) 5000 navigational simulator system and has been developed jointly with the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute and Krylov Shipbuilding and Research Institute. It enables vessel navigation training in freezing weather conditions (below 0°C) and ice-infested areas. The solution covers training modules for accessing ice and weather conditions, safe handling of ships and equipment in different situations, and reducing the possibility of accidents.

The configuration includes a part-task bridge and a full mission bridge. It enables both, training in a classroom setup as well as off-location training with cloud simulation options.

Key benefits

  • Analysing weather and ice information: modules around using radars and ice charts in ECDIS while sailing in ice conditions.
  • Commanding the vessel in cold conditions: Ice accretion risk assessment and modules to train for voyage planning in ice-covered areas. This also includes exercises to practice passage through broken ice and along solid ice edges. Experience bumping against ice edges, operating in open pack ice, in ice holes and patches of ice-free water.
  • Piloting the vessel in different ice types and conditions using high-quality visualisation of various ice surface types such as nocturnal conditions and reflections ensures maximum realism and training efficiency.
  • Following an icebreaker: Training in watch service procedures to maintain position within a convoy and maintain communication protocol with other vessels and the icebreaker in convoy.
  • Port operations training: Modules covering various port operations in ice-infested harbours.
  • Offshore training in ice management: Such as installations in the Arctic environment. This also includes training for offshore loading operations such as mooring to Single Point Mooring (SPM) and FPSOs in ice conditions.

Key features

  • The simulation solution configuration includes:
    - Classroom set-up: part-task bridge and full mission bridge
    - Remote training with cloud simulation
  • Realistic environment simulation to augment sea-like conditions like breaking ice fields into smaller ice pieces, their interaction with each other, and the ship’s hull and offshore installations.
  • Accurate modelling of ice resistance with the option to customise lateral and longitudinal ice resistance of each ship model, hull friction with an edge of an ice field and effect of bumping into an ice field.
  • Option to add ice accretion on the ship’s superstructure to change the stability of the ship model along with visual effects.
  • Compliance: Navigation training and ship handling in ice are according to the STCW requirements of the Polar Code. The NTPRO 5000 simulator system is also designed to meet IMO Convention requirements and DNV standards.

Additional information


The NTPRO 5000 simulator system is designed to meet IMO Convention requirements and DNV standards:


STCW 2010 Section B – Guidance regarding training of masters and officers for ships operating in polar waters.


DNV Standard for Certification no. 3.312, “Competence of Officers for Navigation in Ice,” October 2008.


The simulator is approved by DNV as Bridge Operation Simulator Class A with class notation “Integrated simulator system, NAUT AW (SIM), DYNPOS – AUT (SIM), HSC, TUG, ICE, AHTS,” and Dynamic Positioning Simulator Class A as per the latest edition of Standard for Certification of Maritime Simulators No. 2.14 January 2011.

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