Wärtsilä GMDSS Simulator TGS 5000
Wärtsilä GMDSS simulator TGS 5000

Precise simulation of actual GMDSS equipment to train and examine ship specialists for General Operator Certification (GOC) and Restricted Operator Certification (ROC). It also supports Search and Rescue (SAR) operations and VTS operator training.

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Wärtsilä GMDSS simulator TGS 5000

The Wärtsilä GMDSS Simulator TGS 5000 accurately imitates actual ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications using highly realistic simulated terrestrial and satellite communication systems. Trainees can familiarise themselves with the correct operation of a variety of GMDSS equipment, for both distress and general communication, as the software emulates recognised GMDSS equipment produced by S.P. Radio, Thrane&Thrane and other manufacturers.

Key benefits

  • Instructor can easily:
    - Enter different interference on the selected frequencies.
    - Run and control the prepared scenarios.
    - Operate in telephone, telex and DSC modes performing functions of a coast telex or phone subscriber, coast radio station and RCC operator.
    - Monitor any active trainee workstation screen.
  • Simulate MF/HF/VHF communication in DSC, telephony, and telex modes, as well as satellite communication between workplaces (ships) and with coast radio stations for any shipping area.
  • Simulate maritime safety information transmission via SafetyNET, NAVTEX and HF NBDP services.
  • Train in radio wave propagation using a radio ether model, which accounts for the frequency range, time of day and distance between stations.
  • Conduct SAR operations using radar for detecting SART marks allows for prompt change of the ship’s course and speed.
  • Option to change from a networked operation to single-user mode to enable self-education in Demo, Test and Exam modes.
  • Record and playback radiotelephone communication.
  • Conduct joint operation with a navigational simulator.

Key features

  • Simulation of a full set of SAILOR 6000 equipment.
  • Four different types of GMDSS radio equipment, manufactured by S.P.Radio/ Thrane&Thrane: SAILOR 6000, SAILOR 5000, SAILOR System 4000 and SAILOR Compact 2000. In addition, the VHF&DSC FURUNO FM-8800S is included.
  • Electronic charts display coast station bases, GMDSS sea areas, SAR areas, and rough estimates of the radio waves propagation in the selected frequency band.
  • Jotron AIS SART as per IMO Resolution MSC. 256 (84) as an alternative to 9 GHz SART (from January 1st, 2010)
  • Simulation of Inmarsat Fleet77, Inmarsat FBB, AIS Class A and Glonass/GPS receiver.
  • Each trainee workplace can be supplemented with a Wärtsilä compact console, including the real control panels of SAILOR Program 6000 units.

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  • Standalone mode for self-education.
  • Network mode for individual and joint training of fleet operators, including expert assessment and competency following STCW 2010 Code. Up to three instructor workplaces and up to 16 fully interactive trainee workplaces.
  • VTS operator training. The simulator can include up to 10 VTMS communication operator workplaces intended to train coastal VTMS operators.
  • Mobile GMDSS Simulators for Long Range Certificate Examination and local on-site examinations at various radio schools. The networked simulator (one instructor and two trainee stations) is connected via a wireless LAN and designed to be carried in rugged suitcases to allow easy travelling and quick on-site setup.


Covers the essential areas of maritime training:

  • It is in full compliance with STCW 2010 and IMO Model Course 1.25.
  • Holds type approval certification from the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.
  • Is certified by DNV as a “Class A” Radio Communication Simulator according to the Standard № 2.14.

Simulator Approval Certificate TGS5000


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