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Wärtsilä has paved the way to improved performance and greater reliability for gas engines. As with many successful innovations, various strands of different technologies have been combined to produce a new and viable solution. The outcome of all this dual-fuel development work is unprecedented flexibility, both in fuel choice and operational performance.

Since natural gas has low levels of harmful emissions, and is relatively low in price, such flexibility is increasingly seen as being the key to compliance with environmental legislation and to controlling escalating operational costs. Flexibility allows the most cost-effective and most readily available fuel to be used where possible, and gas to be used when feasible and where environmental regulations restrict the use of conventional liquid fuels.

Our broad portfolio of environmental products and services is geared towards solving different environmental problems. Particular emphasis lies on optimizing lifecycle efficiency, minimizing environmental impact by reducing air and water emissions, and minimizing waste volumes from both land-based power plants and ship installations.

We offer turnkey solutions for reducing the environmental footprint of our customers. These include the reduction of various airborne emissions of NOx, SOx, CO and VOC, as well as the ability to adapt to alternative fuels use, to the treatment of oily waste water and to other water-related solutions.


Our broad offering is supported by years of experience and extensive in-house know-how. 

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Proven or innovative solutions and environmentally sound products for passenger vessels.

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Our extensive offering for fishing vessels allow us to enhance the business of our customers.

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Powering and operating seaborne transportation with economical and sustainable products & solutions.

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Long standing experience in providing propulsion and powering solutions for Navy and Coast Guards.

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Products & solutions for every phase of oil and gas exploration, production, transportation, storage and refining.

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Special vessels

Technical expertise for products & solutions ensuring reliable and safe operation for many vessel types.

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Extensive portfolio of products, systems and solutions for conventional, LNG and Hybrid tug vessels

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Wärtsilä provides yacht solutions that achieve outstanding levels of efficiency, safety, reliability and environmental compliance.

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