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The ambition in the cruise industry is to go above and beyond – to exceed expectations. This is as true for the guest experience as it is for the industry’s drive to reduce emissions and decarbonise. When the goal is net zero operations, cruise ships need a range of sustainable engines, propulsion solutions, maritime technology, and services.

Wärtsilä offers a comprehensive portfolio to support cruise operators on their decarbonisation journey – for retrofit projects and for future-proof new builds.

How to succeed in decarbonisation

Wärtsilä has a five-step approach to ensure you remain competitive, compliant and profitable.

1. Lower carbon fuels

Adoption of LNG, bioLNG or Methanol

2. Electrification

Integration of additional power sources such as battery hybrid and shore power

3. Boosting efficiency

Highest engine efficiency, re-use of waste energy, energy savings devices 

4. Digital innovation

Adoption of new digital solutions to improve voyage efficiency

5. Smart services

Optimised fleet decarbonisation services and guaranteed asset performance agreements

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Cutting-edge solutions in a nutshell

How to future-proof your cruise vessels

Cruise vessels being built today will still be sailing in 30 years or more. Over that time new, more sustainable technologies and fuels will become available so it is essential to build with the future in mind. How to keep up and invest wisely?

Download this paper now to learn more about the five steps that help ensure competitive, compliant, and profitable cruise operations.

Everything from engines to digital solutions and electric propulsion

Over the lifetime of a cruise ship, new technologies and fuels will become available. It is essential to have the future in mind to meet regulations, passenger demands and financiers’ preferences. Integrated solutions from Wärtsilä can give you just what you need to stay competitive and successful.

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What could be the true cost of a single day’s delay?

Picture the scene: Your cruise ship is set to leave port with thousands of guest onboard. But there’s a problem which means your ship leaves port a day later than it should. What is the true cost of a day’s delay for a cruise operator? And how could you avoid such expensive problems?

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Essential solutions and services for cruise ships

  • 3D drawing container ship on water
    How to be smarter about EU emissions reporting for your ship

    A handy tool that helps you plan, measure and report EUA costs. Accurately and easily!

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Case Carnival Regal Princess

Watch this video! Chris Millman, Vice President Marine Technology for Carnival reveals how Carnival gets the critical data and insight that will help to decarbonise its existing vessels and newbuilds.

Ready to be inspired?

Watch now! In less than a minute, Maikel Arts, GM Technical Sales at Wärtsilä will reveal some interesting opportunities that hybrid systems can offer to the cruise industry.

Reducing plastic packaging

Watch and discover a personal look into a sustainability pilot project with Carnival and Wärtsilä. How did a switch from plastic packaging to eco-friendly packaging work?

Optimising ship lifecycle efficiency


Customer stories from the cruise industry

Discover the benefits others have already gained from choosing Wärtsilä.

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Wärtsilä’s expertise covers the full spectrum of solutions and services, from cruise ship engines to digital solutions and from hybrid ships to lifecycle services. Cruise ships can stay productive and competitive – and on the steady course towards net zero operations.


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