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AGIP Villano, Ecuador

AGIP Ecuador is the operator of the 40,000 bpd Villano oil field in the Oriente jungle in Ecuador. Since the drilling site is...

Eden Yuturi, Ecuador

A 85 MW Wärtsilä baseload power plant is operating on the Eden-Yuturi oil field development site in Eastern Ecuador. The plant...
EGE Biogass

EGE Biogass, Norway

Wärtsilä Biogas Liquefaction Plant is able to produce enough fuel to run 135 buses. As a result, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions...
OCP Ecuador thumbnail

OCP, Ecuador

OCP Ecuador S.A. has built the Heavy Crude Oil Pipeline, the most important project developed in Ecuador since the 1970s. The project...
Termocabo Power Plant

Termocabo, Brazil

In 2001, the increasing demand for power, coupled with a lack of rain that caused many hydropower plants to stop operation or to...