Wärtsilä cargo handling system for ethylene/ethane gas carrier

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A leading supplier of complete cargo handling systems for vessels in this segment

The ethylene carrier segment has grown during the last years, from small size vessels to handy size, and now also includes a large-scale carrier purpose built for ethane trading.

Wärtsilä Gas Solutions has become the leading supplier of complete cargo handling systems for vessels in this segment, covering the whole range of sizes requested by the market today. These vessels are known for their flexibility and can trade multiple types of cargo, from gas to chemicals. Deliveries also include carriers with LNG capacity and dual-fuel propulsion.

An increasing supply of ethane has created a new segment of shipping, namely the large scale trading of ethane as feedstock to the petrochemical industry. Wärtsilä Gas Solutions supplies complete cargo handling systems to these very large ethane carriers.

    Technical data

    Wärtsilä has been developing and delivering innovative and efficient ethylene reliquefaction plants since the 70s, starting with the 4100 cbm “Roald Amundsen” in 1971.

    We are today delivering the majority of Ethylene/Ethane cargo handling systems for vessels, with the scope expanded from reliquefaction plants only to complete engineering, procurement and delivery of all cargo handling and auxiliary systems needed to operate the vessels safely and efficiently. 


    Our Wärtsilä Ethylene/Ethane CHS depending on vessel size and intended cargoes, can be configured as needed in order to provide the necessary cooling in the most cost-efficient way.

    Most new vessels today will also utilize gas as fuel and the LEG or LNG fuel system will be integrated with the rest of the cargo machinery when possible in order to save energy and provide flexibility.

    Key benefits

    Wärtsilä provides you with a fully integrated and complete solution in the most cost effective and green way.

    Choosing Wärtsilä as your supplier will give you the most reliable and proven solution. We have the most extensive LEG-C reference list and are the market leader in VLEC segment.  

    All our deliveries are possible to monitor remotely with our Operim™ programme in order to provide the owner and operator with valuable feedback on performance as well as improvement suggestions.

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    Equipment serial number is taken from the equipment nameplate and includes all letters and numbers as given on the equipment nameplate.

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