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Special vessels references

DEME Group

DEME Group

Supporting global marine solutions provider’s sustainability drive with the Wärtsilä GHG reduction package for 34DF engines

UKD Marlin

When the engines in a dredger owned by UK Dredging were close to the end of their lifecycle, the solution was to re-power the vessel with...
Rolldock Storm - thumb

Rolldock Storm

Rolldock Shipping was seeking a supplier capable of delivering a turnkey system that covered all its onboard communication...

Swift Drilling

Swift Drilling’s operations with a major oil company required a reliable internet connection on their Swift Rig 10 unit. The needs...

Cassiopeia Five Pte Ltd.

Optimised Maintenance for the large cutter dredger CASSIOPEIA V


Research vessel Polarstern to be fitted with new Wärtsilä shaft generator systems.
WSD Jack-up/Liftboat

Jack-up lift vessel

Wärtsilä has been awarded the contract to provide the design for a new jack-up lift vessel. Wärtsilä Ship Design has...
FSUE Atomflot

Icebreaker for FSUE Atomflot

“We are convinced that Wärtsilä, with its long and good reputation as an engine builder, is able to build a reliable...
Tong xu

Tong Xu

The Tong Xu is a large trailer suction hopper dredger delivered in 2008. The vessel is equipped with a complete Wärtsilä package with two...
RRS James Cook

RRS James Cook

Delivered in 2006, the Royal Research Ship (RRS) James Cook is fitted with a propulsion system designed to eliminate underwater...
RRS Discovery

RRS Discovery

The Royal Research Ship Discovery is designed to support the multidisciplinary research required for the 21st century. The ship is the...


The Reynaert entered service in 2007. The major part of the pumping power is delivered by the three Wärtsilä 6L26 engines. The ship is...
Pourquoi Pas ?

Pourquoi Pas?

The Pourquoi Pas ? was launched in 2005. The propulsion system is designed to eliminate underwater radiated noise whilst operating at...
 Pipe Laying Vessel PLV924

Pipe Laying Vessel

The Pipe Laying vessel ‘PLV924’ has a pontoon shaped hull with firing line asymmetric suitable for S-Lay mode down to 90 meters....
Oceanic Vega

Oceanic Vega

The Oceanic Vega is a seismic research vessel christened in 2010. <br /><br />Innovative thinking has always been one of our...
Jack-up Crane Vessel

Jack-Up Crane Vessel

Tailored specifically for year-round construction of offshore wind farms, the Wärtsilä-IMS advanced jack-up crane vessel is...
Jack-up Crane Barge

Jack-Up Crane Barge

This non-self-propelled jack-up crane barge is capable of lifting up to 800 tons, while jacked up in water depths of up to 45...
High Performance Turbine Installation Vessel

High Performance Turbine Installation Vessel

Wärtsilä and Aker Solutions have agreed to combine their fields of expertise to develop a new and...

G.O. Sars

The G.O. Sars is one of the most advanced research vessels in the world. With its vibration- and noise-damped diesel generators, and its...
Cabo de Hornos

Cabo de Hornos

Delivered in 2013, Cabo de Hornos is an advanced and versatile oceanographic and fisheries research vessel owned by the Chilean Navy.
Brave Tern and Bold Tern-thumb

Brave Tern

Wärtsilä's scope of supply includes four generating sets - one 6-cylinder, two 9-cylinder, and one 12-cylinder – all of which are based...


The Brabo entered service in 2007. The major part of the pumping power is delivered by the two Wärtsilä engines – a Wärtsilä 12V32 and a...
WSD 85 Heavy lift vessel

WSD 85 : Multipurpose Heavy Lift Vessel

Heavy lift vessel designed to carry a wide diversity of cargo types
Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis

The heavy Icebreaker, Deep-Sea Drilling, and Multi-Purpose Research Vessel, the Aurora Borealis is designed by Wärtsilä Ship Design....