Wärtsilä Moss Flue Gas

Wärtsilä Flue Gas

Flue gas systems are used to channel exhaust gases from a ship's boiler uptake.

Wärtsilä flue gas systems are vital systems to ensure a high level of safety for the vessels where they are installed. Consequently, product quality is always the number one priority.

They are tailor-made for use on board crude oil carriers and are designed based on compact modules, offering important savings in space and installation costs both for newbuildings and for retrofit on existing vessels.

The system also uses a topping-up generator making high inert gas quality possible by a purposefully designed combustion chamber.

    Product benefits

    • Unique concentric venturi scrubber design based on more than 50 years of experience
    • Minimum space requirement
    • High efficiency
    • Low maintenance cost
    • Safe and easy operation

    Special features

    • Scrubber unit
    • Combining three scrubbing principles for high efficiency calling and cleaning: venturi scrubbing, wet filter and spray section
    • Concentric arrangement independent of ships pitching and rolling
    • Internally coated with GRE and venturi tube in corrosion and heat resistant steel

    Spare parts and service

    Please send the vessel name, equipment type, serial number (if known), your company details and spare parts requirements to moss-spares@wartsila.com or service requirements to moss-service@wartsila.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

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