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Your preferred conversion partner

With the world’s largest portfolio of vessel systems and equipment, Wärtsilä is in a unique position to manage the interfaces between different systems. This makes us your preferred engineering partner in projects involving gas solutions.

Wärtsilä Gas Solutions’ deep system knowledge and vast engineering experience from both conversion and newbuild projects puts us in a unique position to perform engineering on modification projects. In addition, being part of Wärtsilä also means that we can utilize the company’s vast collective system information and easily tap into other in-house experts – ensuring efficient collection of all the needed engineering data for your project.

Wärtsilä can take a supporting or leading role in a conversion project. The choice is yours.

    Technical data

    Wärtsilä Gas Solutions’ engineers offer sophisticated design packages ranging from feasibility studies to complete sets of approved design documents for all types of gas solutions projects. We provide our clients with strong technical expertise and state-of-the-art software tools throughout the entire front-end engineering and design phase.

    Scope of Work

    • Project management 
    • Process engineering
    • Process simulation
    • 3D-modelling  
    • System layout and integration 
    • Pipe engineering 
    • Control system design
    • Safety engineering


    • Conversion of LNG vessels to FSRUs
    • Conceptual solutions to gas terminals
    • Ship cargo handling systems
    • All types of modifications

    Key benefits

    As a market leader with innovative systems and lifecycle solutions for the entire gas value chain, combined with  quick access to Wärtsilä’s entire systems expertise, Gas Solutions has the industry’s best prerequisites for solving your conversion project with efficient high-quality engineering and project management.

    Contact our 24/7 customer support at +47 815 48 500. For spare parts, please e-mail us with the equipment serial number or the name of the installation at (Inert Gas Systems) (all other products)
    For technical support & service, please email us with the equipment serial number or the name of the installation at
    Equipment serial number is taken from the equipment nameplate and includes all letters and numbers as given on the equipment nameplate.

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