Net Zero Germany

If Germany is to achieve its renewable ambition, it needs to act now. 

Our modelling presents a clear roadmap towards a more sustainable, flexible, and decarbonised power system. With time and resources so tight, Germany should follow the right path to achieve its aim to deliver the greenest, cheapest system, without stranded assets.


To achieve this, we recommend these short-term steps:

  1. Germany needs to put in place market mechanisms to enable a rapid ramp-up of renewable build-out this decade.
  2. It should make LNG available now, to allow for the rapid phase-out of coal, diversify energy imports and increase supply security. 
  3. It should prepare for hydrogen economy and start putting in place new hydrogen capacity by 2028.



Crucially, Germany needs to diversify its energy supply, utilising more LNG as a bridge to replace Russian gas. This avoids relying on coal for longer and harming its ability to scale up renewable energy.

Jan Andersson, General Manager, Wärtsilä Energy

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