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Technical management and optimised agreements for gas solutions

Technical Management Agreement

Wärtsilä maintenance management and optimized operation ensure operational reliability and gas plant performance. The solution includes maintenance planning, spare parts planning, health inspections, and budgeting support as well as a plant digital twin and monitoring tool (Operim). Operim helps you to run the gas plant in its most optimum way to reduce your fuel cost and emission as well as provide transparency to your fleet. You will be served directly by a team of experts 24/7.


  • Ensured operational reliability and performance 
  • Optimized operation of a gas plant to reduce fuel cost and emission level Optimal running condition and optimized maintenance 
  • Financial predictability through maintenance budgeting 
  • Guaranteed response time 
  • Transparency and overview of the total fleet. Dedicated expert at your service

Optimised Maintenance Agreement

In this Optimized Maintenance service agreement, we combine these two important aspects to give you control overly the budget and ensure that you run your plant as efficiently as possible and cut unnecessary emissions while keeping the availability of your plant at maximum.


  • Ensure Operational reliability and performance 
  • Maximized availability 
  • Scheduled parts and services included 
  • Optimized operation to reduce emissions and fuel costs 
  • Optimized maintenance 
  • Financial predictability 
  • Transparency and overview of the total fleet 24/7 
  • Direct access to our experts

Amine regeneration by Capurifier

Regeneration of amine instead of exchanging the regeneration of the amine reduces the HSS concentration back to the desired state. The regeneration of amine is a proven solution but has only been used in large plants in the petroleum industry. Wärtsilä biogas solutions also offer this technology for biogas upgrading plants.


  • Optimization of the CApure™ upgrading plant performance. Increased plant profit.
  • No loss of production or downtime as the process runs in bypass. 
  • CApure™ life is prolonged. Lowering OPEX and heat consumption. 
  • Installation and monitoring by Wärtsilä Biogas Solutions.
  • No disposal costs for used amine and rinse water compared to exchange.
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to amine exchange.

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