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Search and rescue solutions

Helping conduct SAR operations with optimal resource allocation

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Search and rescue solutions

Our Search and Rescue (SAR) solutions help optimise SAR operations by estimating required resources to provide a fast and efficient response to distress. The SAR modules are integrated with the VTS (Vessel Traffic Service) software to help operators efficiently identify search areas, estimate the required resources, and calculate search patterns.

Key benefits

  • Quickly identify search areas, calculate search patterns, and improve search efficiency.
  • Provide rapid and efficient response to distress by estimating the required resources faster.
  • Easily manage mandatory reporting requirements with auto-generated reports.

Key features

  • SAR modules are integrated with the VTS (vessel traffic service) software to identify search areas efficiently.
  • Multiple sensor inputs facilitate a more rapid reception of distress calls.
  • Resource management tools allow a more efficient allocation of resources in SAR operations.
  • Real-time display of all search resources and surrounding traffic improves search efficiency.
  • Automatic report generation simplifies mandatory reporting requirements.

Service and maintenance

We provide 24/7 and lifecycle-long support. Whether your assets need servicing, spare parts, you have questions about collaborations or want solution quotes — our Support and Maintenance Teams are here for you.

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