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Pilot management solution

Pilotage is a complex process requiring well-coordinated actions, prompt data exchange, and complete situational awareness to ensure safe and efficient operations in confined port waters. Our pilot management solution enables seamless interactions between pilots, port authorities and ship traffic control systems and makes pilot operations safer, easier and more efficient. Our solutions are developed based on our engineers’ expertise, intensive market research and interviews with pilots.

Key benefits

  • Optimise daily routine and operating budgets.
  • Complete control at all stages of pilotage for all kinds of vessels and any weather condition.
  • Next-level situational awareness with integrated onboard equipment and traffic control solutions.
Pilot management system on bridge

Key features

  • Light-weight and user-friendly Pilots Personal Unit (PPU) brings freedom and mobility on the bridge.
  • Situational awareness via onboard sensors over AIS pilot plug.
  • Pilot specific functions and powerful tools provide decision support on board.
  • Common operational picture through information exchange between VTS and other services, including weather and tidal level data.
  • Data logging and recording for incidents investigation.
  • Coordination of pilotage operations increases efficiency and enhances communications between all port services.
  • Automated reporting reduces the amount of VHF communications and administrative burden.
  • Navigational information through using official, local and bathymetric data.
  • Improved safety of pilotage by using high-precision independent PPU sensors.
  • Can be used for deep‑sea, channel, harbour and river pilotage.

Wärtsila Pilot PRO

Wärtsilä Pilot PRO - the mobile app, designed to make the pilotage operations safer and easier, it optimises time and operating budgets.

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