Wärtsilä Simulation development tools
Wärtsilä Simulation development tools

Integrated simulators for ship-channel hydrodynamic effects and operational procedures to support R&D applications as an effective design tool for ports, channels, and terminals.

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Wärtsilä Simulation development tools

Accuracy in mathematical modelling is critical for maritime simulators as they become indispensable in R&D applications as an effective port and waterways design tool.

The Wärtsilä NTPRO (Navi Trainer Professional) simulators, therefore, integrate simulation of the ship-channel hydrodynamic effects and operational procedures to be used not only for traditional maritime training but also for several  other R&D applications design tools for ports, channels, and terminals.

Navigators can prepare traffic operations for new or future marine infrastructure projects, as our R&D suite comes packed with a 3D database editing tool, Model Wizard, and a Virtual Shipyard with a ship hydrodynamic model development package. So, the simulator can be used for various projects such as port design and planning to study ship operations in restricted water conditions and mooring operations, including tug operation, ship design and incident investigation.


Key benefits

  • Can be used for traditional maritime training as well as a design tool for port, channel, and terminals.
  • The ship model toolkit enables real-time ship motion.
  • Create and edit simulation areas for anywhere in the world and present them perfectly in the virtual simulator environment using the advanced Model Wizard 3D Database Editing Tool that produces and updates integrated databases automatically.
  • Virtual shipyard software supports two modes of development: simplified for quick modelling and more accurate modelling based on the latest technical instruments for professional simulation use.
  • Brand-new and highly realistic visualisation system includes three-dimensional bow waves and associated floating object interference, the reflection of the entire scene, water translucency and light refraction, white caps, foam, and splashes.

Key features

The ship model toolkit can be used for:

  • Navigational and tactical simulators
  • Port design and study applications
  • Vessel design and study applications
  • Test bench software for onboard equipment manufacturing (such as autonomous control systems, dynamic positioning systems, autopilots, propulsion systems, engines and more)

Model Wizard 3D Database Editing Tool develops the following data sets:

  • The set of electronic vector charts
  • Terrain and depths database
  • Radar database
  • Visual database

Sailing Area Library has an impressive collection of more than 294 areas covering practically all the important shipping areas, straits, and ports of call, as well as extensive sections of inland waterways. New areas can be developed based on customer requirements.

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Wärtsilä Virtual Shipyard

A flexible and user-friendly package for developing and editing ship motion, engine, and propulsion models, as well as controlling and documenting the results.

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Wärtsilä Model Wizard

A powerful toolkit to develop and update highly integrated databases, making it possible to create simulation areas and ship models from anywhere in the world, and have perfect presentation automatically.

Learn more about the powerful toolkit

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