Wärtsilä Virtual Shipyard

A flexible and user-friendly package for developing and editing ship motion, engine, and propulsion models, as well as controlling and documenting the results.

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Wärtsilä Virtual Shipyard

Wärtsilä Virtual Shipyard software helps develop ship models using a modular principle for easy modifications like editing ship motion, engine, and propulsion models, as well as controlling and documenting the results. The software supports two modes of development: a simplified mode for quick modelling and a more accurate modelling mode based on the latest technical instruments for professional simulation use.

Key benefits

  • Design and edit ship models: Create your own ship model or choose one from our collection of over 400 ship models and modify it. This model can be used in Wärtsilä simulators or on your own simulator using the Ship Model Toolkit.
  • Educational tool in ship theory and hydrodynamics: Allow students to run, control and modify vessels in real-time or in fast-time simulation; let them see how vessel behaviour and fuel consumption change when a hull or propulsion properties are modified; and encourage them to create their own equations, units, and libraries.
  • Perfect research tool: Create, modify and plot all aspects of model behaviour, effects, and interactions. Use the customisable, automated report system to run hundreds of tests. Load other ships and a 3D area profile for advanced studies. Test your components, algorithms and even hardware units using the output of a high-quality ship mathematical model.
  • Collaboration platform for model developers and professional customers or validation experts.

Key features

  • Interactive help and videos are available to simplify the first steps.
  • A modular principle is used for ship model development so each module can be easily modified or replaced if necessary.
  • Various ship types can be modelled (see ‘Additional information’ below for details).
  • Two modes of development are supported:
    - A simplified mode for quick and practical modelling.
    - An elaborate and accurate modelling mode based on the latest technical tools for professional simulation use.
  • Operational and fully automated model testing.
  • Calculations in both metric and imperial measurement systems.
  • Auto-generated output documentation and reports.
  • Simulator’s software and documentation support the established quality standards.

Additional information


Ship types: Allows users to create, modify and test many ship types

  • Conventional vessels: tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, ferries, cruise ships.
  • High-speed craft and gliding vessels: warships, hovercrafts, boats, yachts.  
  • Most types of tugs and barges.
  • Ice-going vessels.
  • Special objects: oil platform, flo-flo ship, jack-up rigs and more.

Simulated modules: Allows users to create, modify and test numerous simulated modules. 

Hull (including displacement hull, gliding hull, hovercraft, etc.).  

  • Propellers (including CPP, FPP, VSP, Azipods, azimuthal thrusters, water jets, etc.).
  • Engine and fuel consumption (including Diesel, Diesel-Electric, outboard, etc.).
  • Rudders and steering gears (including Schilling, Becker, flanking rudders, steering nozzles, etc.).
  • Thrusters (including drop-down and swing-down thrusters).
  • Fin stabilisers, ballast tanks.
  • Autopilots and track control systems.
  • Anchors.  
  • User-developed units (with the use of Python scripting language).
  • And others.


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