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Wärtsilä Energy’s Next Business Lab is looking for partners in data-driven maintenance of energy assets

Wärtsilä Energy maintains and optimizes power plant performance. Our Services holistically encompasses our technology, software, and O&M expertise as well as our view and understanding of power plants on a system level through long-term service agreements. To accelerate our transition towards autonomous operations, Wärtsilä Energy’s Next Business Lab is seeking ecosystem partners around deep-learning technologies on data capturing, monitoring, and maintenance to improve longevity and optimize the lifecycle of energy assets.

Wärtsilä Next Business Lab is a strategic innovation unit within Energy on a mission to uncover game-changing innovations to accelerate the energy transition. We’re looking for ambitious start-ups, growth companies and ecosystem partners to join us in reaching a 100% renewable energy future.

We are looking for potential partners with effective ways to predict maintenance needs based on data. Companies with a systematic approach to predict, monitor, and capture any anomalies and irregularities are of interest. Some of the underlying technologies of interest are thermal analytics, sound-based diagnostics, intelligent surveillance, ultrasonic monitoring.

​Providing insights from both the generating set and the accompanying auxiliary equipment with multiple different capture technologies empower creation of interconnected digital twins that enable the predictability of the power equipment condition and possibility to create new lifecycle service offerings. These service offerings lead us to faster response time to incidents, hence guiding us one step closer to autonomous operations.  

​Our goal is to achieve operational efficiency through digital means, supporting high reliability and power availability on-site. We are especially interested in proven technologies that have been successful with on-site implementations with cost efficiency.

Co-creation on both hardware & software level could take place in Vaasa at our Partner Campus or remotely. Our ambition is to pilot the solution together with our customers.

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