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Wärtsilä Inert Gas Generators for Tankers

Our inert gas generator system, specialised for Tankers, ensures the correct atmosphere in the cargo tanks and pipes to minimize the risk of explosion.

Our systems are designed for a high level of safety and are based on compact modules, offering important savings in space and installation cost both for newbuildings and retrofitting existing vessels.

Our most recent developments include automatic regulation based on deck pressure setting. During off-loading the system optimizes the inert gas production to only produce the necessary quantum of Inert Gas to maintain the tank pressure. This system reduces oil consumption providing cost efficiency, as well as an environmental benefit.

To stay ahead of regulations, we have also developed containerised solutions which can easily be retrofitted on product & chemical tankers.

    What is Inert Gas?

    Inert Gas is a gas or a mixture of gases, such as flue gas, containing insufficient oxygen to support the combustion of hydrocarbons. An Inert condition is a condition in which the oxygen content throughout the atmosphere of a tank has been reduced to 8% or less by volume.

    Spare Parts and Service

    Please send the vessel name, equipment type, serial number (if known), your company details and spare parts requirements to moss-spares@wartsila.com or service requirements to moss-service@wartsila.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

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