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Cargo Handling system for smaller LNG cargos

There is a growing demand for small-scale LNG transportation to end users located in areas where pipelines are not feasible or economically viable. Typically, such end users are power generation plants, land-based industries, and suppliers of LNG as fuel for vehicles or ships.

Wärtsilä is the world’s largest supplier of complete cargo handling systems for gas carriers. Utilising the extensive experience accumulated by delivering such systems to larger LPG, LEG and LNG carriers, we have also developed a handling system for smaller LNG cargos. The available scope includes:

  • Cargo handling system
  • Boil-off gas handling
  • Cargo tank design and complete tank delivery
  • Ship design
  • LNG fuel supply system

We provide designs for small size LNG carriers as well as multi-gas carriers able to ship all types of gas cargo. Both vessel types typically have capacities to carry between 4,000 and 40,000 cbm.


    Technical Data

    In addition to the complete cargo handling system design, Wärtsilä also offers Compact Reliq – a newly developed reliquefaction plant for seamless integration on board carriers in the small-scale segment. The system offers cost-efficient reliquefaction of LNG boil-off gas and is modularized and scalable to cover a wide range of capacities and vessel sizes. The system is based on well-proven Brayton-technology and designed for competitive OPEX, ease of operation and minimal maintenance.


    Compact Reliq Iso View
    Technical Data Small Scale Reliquefaction.2


    LNGC Shuttle Tanker

    LNG Shuttle Tanker

    Shuttle tankers for LNG are used to transport LNG to remote hubs and small-scale import terminals. The typical capacity of these tankers is up to 40,000 m3.

    LNGC Bunkering Vessel

    LNG Bunkering Vessel

    LNG bunkering vessels are used for ship to ship bunkering operations, supporting the increasing use of LNG as a marine fuel. The typical capacity of these vessels is up to 10,000 m3.

    LNG Barges

    LNG Barges

    Wärtsilä Gas Solutions can provide complete cargo handling systems and ship design packages for LNG barges. These can be built solely for transportation or bunkering purposes, or they can also be equipped with LNG liquefaction, LNG regasification, or fully integrated LNG power systems.


    Key benefits

    As the market leader, our experience in delivering advanced small-scale LNG applications and LNG carrier designs is unmatched.

    We have the vessel and system designs, the technology, and the in-house expertise to ensure that all customers receive the exact systems required for their operations.

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