Poland's Energy Future

Securing Poland’s energy future


The energy landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, shifting towards renewable energy sources such as wind and solar to reduce emissions and enhance energy security.  

Poland, much like other nations, is grappling with the challenge of lowering carbon emissions and transitioning to sustainable energy sources. For Poland’s coal dominated power system and district heating (DH) networks, this transition poses both challenges and immense opportunities. 

Wärtsilä understands these challenges and is dedicated to finding sustainable solutions. We recognise the need to adapt existing systems for greater efficiency. By leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge solutions, we can support the transition to a low-carbon future and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable Poland. 

Our flexible solutions and expert guidance can help local authorities and district heating providers in Poland to enhance energy security and efficiencies while reducing emissions in a cost-optimal way. With flexible district heating technologies balancing intermittent renewables, the country can maximise its utilisation of cheap, zero-carbon energy. 

Co-optimisation isn't just a buzzword – it's the key to unlocking unparalleled efficiency. Harmonising Poland’s power system and heat generation in this way reduces both costs and emissions, laying the foundation for a 100% renewable-energy future while advancing energy security and affordability. 

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Swift, decisive action is needed to secure Poland's energy transition.

Igor Petryk, Market Development Director

Powering Poland’s Future: Optimising the power system and district heating for the next decade 

The study addresses Poland’s specific challenges related to the decarbonisation of its aged and inefficient coal-powered DH systems. The co-optimisation approach not only guarantees a more sustainable and efficient energy mix, but also presents the most cost-effective transition pathway to achieve this.  

The transition from coal-dominated to majority renewable electricity and heating systems represents a profound transformation. Yet, this study demonstrates how Poland can achieve this over the next decade — while unlocking substantial system cost savings and emissions reductions across both sectors. 

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