Pääomamarkkinapäivien presentaatiot

Tästä osioista löytyvät Wärtsilän pääomamarkkinapäivien presentaatiot. Huomioikaa ystävällisesti, että presentaatiot ovat saatavilla vain englanniksi.

Shaping the decarbonisation of Marine and EnergyAgnevallPDFNauhoiteLitterointi
Strong commitment to reach our financial targetsBerendsPDFNauhoiteLitterointi
Profitable growth by focusing on decarbonisation and servicesHolmPDFNauhoiteLitterointi
Capture growth in balancing solutions and services
PurohitPDF NauhoiteLitterointi
Transforming Wärtsilä for long-term successEskolaPDF (959 KB) Nauhoite
Rebuilding shareholder value in a challenging environmentBerendsPDF (751 KB) Nauhoite
Leading the way towards a more sustainable maritime futureHolmPDF (2 MB)Nauhoite
Flexibility and the Future of PowerCheungPDF (896 KB) Nauhoite
Leadership in energy transition through future-proof technologiesWirén PDF (1 MB)Nauhoite
Smart strategies driving profitable growth
EskolaPDF (1,28 MB) Nauhoite (alkaa kohdasta 2:10) 
Good strategy implementation delivers shareholder value
WirénPDF (858 KB) Nauhoite (alkaa kohdasta 36:50) 
Services: Growth through solid core foundation and smart solutions
BarbonePDF (1,44 MB)
Nauhoite (alkaa kohdasta 1:09:15) 
Marine Solutions: Growth through a Smart Marine Ecosystem
HolmPDF (4,46 MB)
Nauhoite (alkaa kohdasta 1:45:50) 
Energy Solutions: Engines and storage are unlocking a 100% renewable energy future
CavadaPDF (1,47 MB)
Nauhoite (alkaa kohdasta 1:00) 
Energy storage and hybrid solutions
JungPDF (2,64 MB)
Nauhoite (alkaa kohdasta 26:30) 
Progressing towards profitable growthEskolaPDF (1,85 MB)Nauhoite (alkaa kohdasta 1:10) 
Profitable growth supported by solid financialsWirénPDF (1,28 MB)Nauhoite (alkaa kohdasta 41:05) 
Marine Solutions: Setting our course in challenging marketsHolmPDF (2,64 MB)Nauhoite (alkaa kohdasta 1:24:50) 
Energy Solutions: Capturing growth through global systems integrationCavadaPDF (2,47 MB)Nauhoite (alkaa kohdasta 2:04:25) 
Services: Growing within and beyond our installed baseBarbonePDF (1,00 MB)Nauhoite (alkaa kohdasta 0:15) 
Wärtsilä's agenda for profitable growthRosengrenPDF (1,75 MB)
Solid financial position supports our growth ambitionWirénPDF (1,40 MB)
Ship Power - Resilience in demanding marketsEskolaPDF (2,97 MB)
Electrical & Automation in focusKuhnPDF (2,83 MB)
Power Plants - Positioning in the fast changing energy worldSarinPDF (4,23 MB)
Services - A glance into the future - Growth and digitalisationBarbonePDF (4,04 MB)
Driving profitable growthRosengrenPDF (1,84 MB)
Solid financial positionWirénPDF (1,83 MB)
Growth and profitability through superior customer understandingBarbonePDF (3,14 MB)
A strategy that pays offEskolaPDF (2,14 MB)
4-stroke with excellenceHolmPDF (2,38 MB)
Growing marine environmental marketsSonzioPDF (991,85 KB)
Power Plants' focus on gasRiihimäkiPDF (2,19 MB)
Wärtsilä in the LNG value chainLundePDF ( 1,60 MB)
Back to growthRosengrenPDF (2,03 MB)
Wärtsilä's strong financial positionLindPDF (1,11 MB)
Ship Power - Your shorter route to bigger profitsEskolaPDF (2,21 MB)
Environmental solutions for air and waterOatleyPDF (1,29 MB)
Growing with gasRiihimäkiPDF (4,98 MB)
Smart Power Generation - flexibility and efficiencyPaldaniusPDF (1,30 MB)
Services solutions for lifecycle efficiencyVitzthumPDF (1,39 MB)
Technology with excellenceHellbergPDF (1,82 MB)
Wärtsilä 2010 and beyondJohanssonPDF (1,33 MB)
Profitability and restructuringLindPDF (225,63 KB)
Wärtsilä's manufacturing footprint now and in the futureHellbergPDF (1,27 MB)
Customer funding and the status of group fundingPietikäinenPDF (373,69 KB)
Power Plants reviewRiihimäkiPDF (1,20 MB)
Services reviewVitzthumPDF (1,32 MB)
Ship Power reviewEskolaPDF (1,94 MB)
Strategic RoadmapJohanssonPDF (1,72 MB)
Power Plants updateVitzthumPDF (781,03 KB)
Road ahead in Ship PowerEskolaPDF (2,58 MB)
Services - Services strategy and competitive advantagesBlombergPDF (5,43 MB)
Cracking the financialsLindPDF (3,17 MB)
Current market situation - threat or possibility for WärtsiläJohanssonPDF (3,17 MB)
Services - the growth engineBlombergPDF (5,52 MB)
Investing in the future of Wärtsilä - Wärtsilä Industrial OperationsHellbergPDF (2,80 MB)
Power Plants update - The Technology EnablerVitzthumPDF (775,20 KB)
Customer segments in Ship PowerKoponenPDF (1,33 MB)
Wärtsilä as an investment caseLindPDF ( 758,34 KB)
Strategic road mapJohanssonPDF (1,64 MB)
Strategy in the light of numbersLindPDF (245,57 KB)
Fuel FlexibilityVitzthumPDF (877,64 KB)
Capacity for growth - products for the futureHellbergPDF ( 3,00 MB)
Wärtsilä's offshore offering and marketsEskolaPDF (2,31 MB)
Services - strong growth through broader offeringBlombergPDF (1,54 MB)
Strategy and future plansJohanssonPDF (1,20 MB)
Triple E for excellenceHellbergPDF (6,57 MB)
Power Plants business logicAhlqvistPDF (1,22 MB)
Streamlining for a less cyclical futureLindPDF (550,57 KB)
Business outlook - competitive edgeMäkinenPDF (2,54 MB)
Condition based maintenance - innovation and intelligenceBlombergPDF (7,22 MB)
Wärtsilä ItalyRazetoPDF (11,75 MB)