IR Application

Wärtsilä’s IR applications are available for iPad, iPhone and Android devices. They focus on financial information and feature content such as share price information, releases, financial reports and presentations, video material and an IR events calendar. The applications are available in English and can be used in both online and offline modes.

iPhone & iPad:ärtsilä-oyj-ir-app/id584886424


The content of Wärtsilä’s IR App is provided by Wärtsilä Corporation. The service is made available on an "as it is" basis. This means that Wärtsilä Corporation gives no guarantees regarding the availability, accuracy, reliability or contents of its IR App. In addition, Wärtsilä Corporation reserves the right to make changes to the IR App and remove it from the App Store at any time. The content of Wärtsilä Corporation’s IR App is protected by immaterial property rights.

IR App