The route to profitable decarbonisation

Achieving a zero-carbon future for the ferry industry

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Setting a new course for ferries

Practical insights and guidance for the ferry industry

Ferries are on the front line of the energy transition and among the first sectors to target zero-carbon operations. Ferries are rapid adopters of new solutions, but innovations must be implemented with caution; many ferry companies operate on slim profit margins and manage demanding schedules. New technologies need to be introduced with minimal service disruption and maximum return on investment.

One size does not fit all. The solutions that will drive commuter ferries to decarbonisation will not be applicable on larger vessels, while variable fuel availability and cost across the world will guarantee a varied mix of future fuel capabilities are needed across the market. Solutions ranging from electrification to multi-fuelled engines – as well as efficiency upgrades, fuel conversions and effective maintenance across the vessel lifecycle – will all play a role.


The route to profitable decarbonisation

Insights and practical guidance for the ferry segment

This white paper takes a deep dive into the challenges facing this hugely diverse industry as it plots a path towards zero-carbon operations. It provides an overview of the current state of play in the industry, a comprehensive review of its geographical nuances and an in-depth look at individual vessel types.

Tune in to the ferry fireside chat series

How will future-proof ferries be designed to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing market? Will the owners and operators discover the predictable, investable path to decarbonisation, today?

Not all points of view fit best to find the solutions to decarbonising shipping. Continuous dialogue, innovation and collaboration are vital to increasing the knowledge and capabilities to explore the way to achieving sustainable ferry operations.


The Ferry fireside chat is an analytical discussion on the issues raised in the ferry industry and an in-depth update on the future of ferry operations. These are insights gathered from the industry’s thought leaders who will help uncover the challenges, deep dive into the solutions available and find the route towards a zero-carbon future.

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