Eniram is now part of Wärtsilä

to accelerate its smart marine vision

Eniram is now part of Wärtsilä

Eniram is dedicated to making smart shipping a reality. Our solutions create unique insights for your vessels with our Insight Factory technology – enabling you to optimize energy efficiency at the fleet, voyage and vessel level. These insights deliver improved performance, cost savings, and a reduction in emissions.

Eniram brings together experts with a unique set of skills – including seafarers, coders, and innovators – to develop solutions for the key issues facing your industry. We are moving beyond retroactive analysis towards proactive management with predictive insights and mobile alerts. Our solutions ensure that the right personnel know when a potential issue needs attention – even before problems happen.


Managing fleet, voyage and vessel energy efficiency with Eniram services

Fleet efficiency

Better situational awareness enables a top-down, fleet-wide approach to improving energy efficiency.

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Voyage efficiency

You benefit from enriched data and analytics that help you to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the planning of future voyages.

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Vessel efficiency

Improve energy efficiency and reduce costs with more detailed insights into your assets, including hull and propeller condition, speed fuel curves, and engine performance.

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