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High quality parts for reliable operations

Combining the use of quality spare parts from an original equipment manufacturer with continuous monitoring and smart maintenance planning can bring considerable benefits for the lifecycle of an installation. The knowledge and expertise of the original equipment manufacturer is of utmost importance when looking for ways to ensure optimised operations. From a lifecycle cost perspective, the use of original parts offers value goes far beyond the spare parts costs.


Fast and cost-efficient original parts, 24/7

Knowing which parts to use and how the installation has been modified over time is essential.

Full range of original spare parts

We offer a full range of original spare parts, tools and consumables for the following brands. 

  • A/S20/25 engines (Sulzer)
  • Aibel
  • Bolnes
  • Cedervall
  • CORT
  • Crepelle
  • Deep Sea Seals
  • Deutz MWM / KHD
  • Euroatlas
  • Flow Group
  • FUNA
  • GMT
  • Greenship
  • Hamworthy
  • Japan Marine Technology
  • John Mills valves
  • Jovyatlas
  • Krystallion
  • Kvaerner Ships equipment
  • LIPS
  • Lyngso Marine
  • Marine Systems Korea
  • Nohab Diesel
  • Poyaud
  • SACM
  • SAM Electronics
  • Serck Como
  • Shipham Valves
  • Stork Werkspoor Diesel
  • Sulzer branded 2-stroke engines
  • Svanehoj
  • Valmarine
  • Wärtsilä Diesel Vasa 14/24
  • Whessoe
  • Wichmann
  • WinGD branded 2-stroke engines
  • Wärtsilä branded 2-stroke engines
  • Z/ZA/ZA40S/ZA50 engines

In addition we offer spare parts and consumables for all Wärtsilä delivered auxiliary equipment.
Bolnes, Crepelle, DEUTZ MWM / KHD, Poyaud, SACM, Stork Werkspoor Diesel, A/S20/25 engines and Wärtsilä Vasa 14/24 are supported by QuantiParts.

Safety and emission compliance

Original Wärtsilä spare parts meet strict demands
Several quality certificates such as ISO and Bureau Veritas.
Quality certificates are provided on demand. For parts with classification, the quality certificate is provided automatically.
Quality management systems regularly audited by internal and external auditors.
Components influencing NOx emissions qualified for Engine International Air Pollution Prevention (EIAPP).


Quality parts are the source of reliability
Original Wärtsilä spare parts comply with the latest specifications and prolong the lifecycle of the installation. Continuous research and development, as well as professional support from Wärtsilä's global network, ensure that the customers always get the latest applicable parts and ensured reliability.

Prompt availability

Wärtsilä's Global logistics management ensures fast responses and cost-effective on-time delivery. Original spare parts can be ordered 24/7 through Wärtsilä's global service network or using Wärtsilä Online, which also allows customers to check the latest valid service bulletins and technical manuals.


High quality spare parts are thoroughly checked and tested to comply with major quality standards and authority regulations. They are made of high-quality materials according to the correct design specifications and tolerances to ensure proper fit and performance. Strict quality management ensures that all parts meet high quality standards and can therefore be delivered with full warranty.

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